Friday, July 24, 2009

Tutorial Friday--Stamping Letters on Metal Jewelry

I love a good tutorial, don't you? I periodically search for new techniques and ideas and I have a burgeoning bookmark list to prove it. Every Friday I plan on sharing a link from my list of favorites or writing a tutorial of my own.

Here is a great lesson on how to stamp letters onto metal jewelry. Taught by Lisa Niven Kelly, I found this tutorial to be clearly explained, well filmed, and very detailed. My "impression" (What fun, a pun!) was that I would have no problem creating stamped metal jewelry after watching these videos. No parts of the process were left out.
I give it my benediction as a great resource.

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  1. Hey :) so the photo or video you posted didn't show up, and I can't find her link on the internet showing a tutorial, can you help??