Saturday, March 14, 2009

In Case of Fire, Please Save the Following Items...

I thought one day about what I would save from my apartment, (other than people, of course) in the event of a fire and in the event that I had the time to do some saving of things in the event of a fire. I realized that I don't really have deep attachments to my belongings, which is good since we live in an impermanent world.

There are a few of my things, however, that I would try to save if time permit. Here they are in no particular order:
  • NUMBER 1: A pair brown ottomans that I bought at Fortunoff. They are faux leather and extremely stylish. They are the right height for sitting on AND the right height for putting your feet up if you are sitting in one of my chairs or couch. If I put them together and add a tray, they make a great coffee table. They are cubes of perfection. I would definitely boost them out the window in the event of a fire.
  • NUMBER 2: My kettlebells. I love them, they fit my hands and they weren't cheap. I'd also need something to work through the stress of having my apartment go on fire and nothing cuts through stress like kettlebells. I could also make money on the street performing feats of strength.
  • NUMBER 3: My computer and my backup external hd. An iMac, 20" screen, 2Ghz Intel core duo processor, 2 gb ram, photoshop, quark, protools—all legit, not to mention images of ALL of the painting, design and illustration work that I have ever done. All proof of my professional existence is on that computer.
  • NUMBER 4: My jewelry making supplies. This would be easy to find and toss out the window since I keep everything in a plastic box with a handle. While everything in the box is replaceable, I spent a lot of time finding all of my "findings" and I do really like my tools.
  • NUMBER 5: 2 of my paintings, one of Little Italy in NYC and the other of sunflowers. They are my favorites.

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